Two Men Pull Off Florida Keys Camaro Theft

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It was a short-lived crime…

An Australian and Bostonian walk into a Florida impound lot – that sounds like the beginning of some joke, but instead it was the beginning of a fairly bizarrely simplistic crime. According to a report from Local 10, Rory Peter Stien, 32, of Burleigh Waters, New South Wales, and Stephen George Yetman, 36, of Boston, are accused by police of breaking into an impound lot on Stock Island in the Florida Keys and stealing a Camaro that was stored inside.

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Usually, things go the other way around and thieves steal cars, which are then recovered and impounded until the rightful owner can come pick it up. These guys for some reason thought stealing from the tow company that owns the impound would be a good idea.

Per the local report, surveillance footage shows the two men forcing the gate to the impound lot open, causing around $5,000 in damages. Then they leave in the Camaro. We assume they got the key somehow, but that’s not spelled out.

The Camaro had previously been towed and impounded, so sheriff’s deputies knew exactly what car to look for. They found it and the two guys in the surveillance video, who were still wearing the exact same clothes. The pair obviously weren’t genius criminal masterminds.

It isn’t clear in the news report how they knew the Camaro was inside. Did they own the Camaro? Did they steal it originally, then lose it while it was parked? Did they just park it illegally and it was towed and they didn’t want to pay all the fees? Did they know someone else who stole it or owns the Chevy? We don’t know any of that, but obviously there’s more to that part of the story.

We also don’t know how these two guys from different sides of the world ended up in the Florida Keys and met each other, nor how they decided to allegedly commit a crime together. That kind of thing seems like something you’d do with a good friend, not a casual acquaintance, but then again we don’t steal cars so maybe not.

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