UK Cops Bust Another Chop Shop

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They seem to be everywhere…

Just like in North America, the UK is dealing with quite the car theft problem. And while some of the vehicles get cloned and resold to unsuspecting car shoppers, others are chopped up and the parts are sold for “good deals” on the black market. Yet again, police on the other side of the pond have busted one of these chop shops, this time a house in Coventry.

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According to a report from Coventry Live, police originally zeroed in on the private residence after someone provided a tip that a stolen Range Rover was being kept there. No mention of how the Range Rover’s location was discovered was mentioned in the report, so it could’ve been the owner had a GPS tracker on it or a neighbor got suspicious.


Whatever the case was, police descended on the house but didn’t find the Range Rover. Instead, they located a stolen Ford Fiesta and plenty of car parts, including whole BMW and Mercedes engines, stashed away on the property. These alleged thieves seemed to have been quite busy.

Police arrested a 39-year-old man and charged him with conspiracy to steal a motor vehicle, suspending his bail on further enquiries. In other words, they’re still digging into the case and probably expect to uncover plenty more misdeeds, possibly other suspects as well.

As for the Range Rover, it was located in Tile Hill. Again, we don’t know how but the fact it was tracked to both locations sounds like a GPS unit on it was active. The owner of the hot theft item will be getting it back, but we fear it’s only a matter of time before it’s stolen by someone else.

It’s good to see police busting these sorts of operations, even if they’re not eliminating all car theft. Every victory counts.

Image via West Midlands Police

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