Unmarked Tow Truck Steals Pontiac

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Unmarked Tow Truck Steals Pontiac
Unmarked Tow Truck Steals Pontiac

We’ve noticed quite a few stories, both from local news sources and social media, of tow trucks going around stealing cars. They’ve done it in public parking lots, the side of roads, and even in private driveways. According to one Reddit user, it’s happened again, this time with a Pontiac stolen in Orange County, California.

This mysterious C8 Corvette has started an online debate.

In the r/orangecounty Subreddit, user Yopandaexpress claims someone rolled up to their house in Huntington Beach at 1:30 am and stole a red Pontiac parked in the driveway. That user didn’t share footage or a screen grab of the tow truck in action, so we just have to take their word for it.


Instead, we get an image of the Pontiac parked in the driveway during the daytime. Perhaps the surveillance camera doesn’t take good nighttime video? If so, that’s a huge security risk.

Or it’s possible the camera malfunctioned and didn’t record the theft. We know some more advanced thieves carry WiFi jammers to keep modern security cameras from recording them at work.

But that doesn’t answer the question of how Yopandaexpress knows who took the car. Surely there has to be footage of the theft, otherwise they couldn’t know it was an unmarked tow truck which hauled the Pontiac away.

Why would they not share that footage or at least an image of the two truck? It doesn’t make sense.

Without that, we have no idea what kind of tow truck it was. All we know is the claim it had zero markings on it.

Some Reddit users asked if the Pontiac was paid for, conjecturing the “theft” could have been a repossession. It wouldn’t be the first time someone has claimed their ride was stolen by a repo man. But Yopandaexpress claims that’s not the case here.

Other users claimed they’ve seen an unmarked tow truck stealing cars in Orange County lately. If anyone has images of this mystery truck, we’d love to see them since that would be helpful.

Image via Yopandaexpress/Reddit

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