US Regulators Want To Stop You From Speeding

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US Regulators Want To Stop You From Speeding
US Regulators Want To Stop You From Speeding

With Europe diving full force into mandating Intelligent Speed Assist devices in all new cars, regulators in the US are gearing up to push the same thing here. Combining GPS and traffic sign recognition cameras, the technology discourages drivers from speeding but doesn’t outright stop them, yet.

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Back in November 2023, the National Transportation Safety Board called for ISA to be mandated in the US as well. It also said in a press release that an interlock program for repeated speeding offenders should be instituted. That’s even more aggressive.


The passive system being put in place for Europeans involves the car warning when the driver pushes it past the posted speed limit. That can involve visual, audio or haptic alerts. If you’ve driven a newer vehicle lately, you know one can be inundated with such things, so just how effective would that be?

According to a repot from Birmingham Live, apparently many British drivers think the warnings are so effective there should be zero tolerance for speeders.

Apparently for now, ISA systems can be overridden by drivers. You can turn off other driver’s aids, so we assume this one is similar. But how long will it be before that’s no longer an option, unless you hack your car?

We question just how effective the technology is. After all, using navigation we see the incorrect speed limit on the screen often. Plus, we wonder if drivers won’t just ignore yet another thing squawking at them while they’re just trying to get somewhere.

Then there’s the cost issue. As more onboard technologies are added to cars, the cost of new vehicles continues to balloon. This just adds fuel to the fire.

What’s more concerning is what might come next once it’s determined current ISA tech doesn’t go far enough. We know some in government want hard limiters which physically stop drivers from exceeding the speed limit. Others fantasize about a world where only robots drive since humans aren’t always obedient.

All that sounds more like a dystopian reality than a future brimming with freedom.

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