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  • Lincoln Continental Revived As A Concept Sedan Looking East

    Giving new life to an iconic name is tough, but the struggling Lincoln brand is trying to do just that with the new Continental concept car — another bet on defining a 21st-century mission for Ford's luxury brand, with an eye toward growing in the world's most bustling luxury car market, China.

  • Watch a hot lap in the all-new 2016 Cadillac ATS-V

    I'm writing this brief article from an airplane having just sampled the all-new 2016 Cadillac ATS-V. So... how was it?

  • This Ford GT Has Fewer Miles Than You Walk in a Day — And a Huge Price

    It's not uncommon for a few modern speculators to buy rare models and then park them in hopes of profiting off vehicles with nearly no mileage. This 2006 Ford GT will test the market at Auctions America this weekend looking for half a million dollars — in return for a tiny number on the odometer.

  • On the Road In Mercedes Sci-Fi Self-Driving Car of 2030

    The vision of a city filled with cars that tell pedestrians when to cross — and perhaps block out the world from its passengers — is closer than you think.

  • A Feel Good Motorcycle Video / Commercial - The Dream Rangers

    A Feel Good Motorcycle Video / Commercial - The Dream Rangers Videos that glorify motorcycles and the lifestyle that follow are fairly common in the age of the internet. They often infuse the elements of freedom, adventure, friendship and a rebel attitude

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  • A Morning With the McLaren 570S

    The McLaren 570S is a car that’s very easy to fall in love with. I woke up at 5AM and groggily drove myself to McLaren San Francisco where, waiting for me, was my friend Colleen and a very green pre-production McLaren 570S. The plan was to get to Fort Mason in San Francisco for a […]

  • Next Volkswagen e-Golf To Have At Least 200 Miles Of Range

    When it launched in fall 2014, the Volkswagen e-Golf electric car all but duplicated the Nissan Leaf in range and efficiency: 83 miles and 116 MPGe against the Leaf's 84-mile and 114-MPGe ratings.

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  • Hyundai: Counterfeit Car Parts Could Kill You

    Hyundai Motors America launched a campaign this week to remind customers that the difference between the carmaker’s parts and imposters could be the difference between life and death.

  • Zero Below Zero — Looked Out My Window - Reposted

    Zero Below Zero — Looked Out My Window - Reposted We ran a story last month about Aerostich's wild plan to test the Zero FX in freezing Duluth, Minnesota . With their permission, we will be sharing the blogged thoughts of their select group of testers. Stay

  • 2017 Kia Niro Hybrid Crossover Utility Vehicle Debuts At Chicago Auto Show: Live Photos & Video

    The 2017 Kia Niro "hybrid utility vehicle" revealed this morning at the Chicago Auto Show marks the South Korean brand's ambitious entry into dedicated hybrids. While dedicated hybrids have traditionally been hatchbacks--think Honda Insight, Toyota Prius, even the plug-in hybrid Chevrolet…

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  • 2017 Kia Niro Hybrid Revealed, Promises 50 MPG Combined: Live Photso & Video

    Previewed in concept form almost three years ago, Kia’s first dedicated hybrid, the Niro, has finally been revealed. It’s a compact crossover that isn’t related to any other model in Kia’s lineup. The Niro is set to go on sale later this year, as a 2017 model, and Kia is promising owners can…

  • 2017 Kia Optima Coming With Hybrid, Plug-In Hybrid Options

    The latest Kia Optima is already a great option for buyers on a budget looking for a svelte, sporty sedan. Now Kia has added two new hybrid options. On show this week at the 2016 Chicago Auto Show, the two new hybrid options include an Optima Hybrid and Optima Plug-In Hybrid.

  • Toyota C-HR Small SUV To Offer Hybrid; Production Debut At Geneva Show

    When it finally arrives, this latest small utility vehicle will finally give Toyota an entry into the burgeoning subcompact crossover segment, currently populated by models like the Chevrolet Trax and Honda HR-V. For the European market, at least, the C-HR will be built at an existing Toyota…

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  • Shelby is Selling Some of its Rarest Concept Cars and Prototypes

    Every time a specialty automaker creates a new line of performance vehicles, there’s always a car used to initiate the process and jump-start development. These prototypes and concept cars are rarely sold, many times hidden away in storage, and unfortunately sometimes even dismantled or crushed.…

  • Is This Tata The Smallest Roadworthy Hydrogen Fuel-Cell Vehicle In The World?

    Indian automaker Tata Motors may have built the world's smallest roadworthy hydrogen fuel-cell vehicle. The company known for the tiny Nano--as well as its for its stewardship of Jaguar Land Rover--unveiled a fuel-cell version of its Magic Iris microvan at AutoExpo India. The Tata Magic Iris Ziva…

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  • Old Vs New: 2016 Tesla Model S 90D Compared To Original Version

    In a week or so, my 2013 Tesla Model S, now fitted with an 85-kilowatt-hour battery,  will wind up its third year of residence in my driveway.

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  • 2017 Ram 2500 Off-Road Rolls Into Chicago: Live Photos

    The 2017 Power Wagon wasn’t the only new pickup Ram had on display at this week’s 2016 Chicago Auto Show. The Fiat Chrysler Automobiles [NYSE:FCAU] brand also rolled out this off-roader based on the 2500 Heavy Duty. It’s called the 2500 Off-Road and according to Ram it’s ideal for customers who…