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  • Lincoln Continental Revived As A Concept Sedan Looking East

    Giving new life to an iconic name is tough, but the struggling Lincoln brand is trying to do just that with the new Continental concept car — another bet on defining a 21st-century mission for Ford's luxury brand, with an eye toward growing in the world's most bustling luxury car market, China.

  • Watch a hot lap in the all-new 2016 Cadillac ATS-V

    I'm writing this brief article from an airplane having just sampled the all-new 2016 Cadillac ATS-V. So... how was it?

  • This Ford GT Has Fewer Miles Than You Walk in a Day — And a Huge Price

    It's not uncommon for a few modern speculators to buy rare models and then park them in hopes of profiting off vehicles with nearly no mileage. This 2006 Ford GT will test the market at Auctions America this weekend looking for half a million dollars — in return for a tiny number on the odometer.

  • On the Road In Mercedes Sci-Fi Self-Driving Car of 2030

    The vision of a city filled with cars that tell pedestrians when to cross — and perhaps block out the world from its passengers — is closer than you think.

  • This Rose-Wrapped Ferrari FXX K is Fabulously Frightening

    Once you buy a car you can pretty much do whatever you want to its looks. You can repaint it, change the seats, add chrome bits and pieces, and even fancy aerodynamic kits because it’s your car. You can also choose to give it a unique wrap, which is what you see with this Ferrari

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  • New ride for the rich: Super-luxury SUVs

    There's no shortage of luxury vehicle choices, but increasingly the wealthy are opting for high-end SUVs instead of traditional models.

  • Famed Saab Rally Driver Erik 'Mr. Saab' Carlsson Dies At 86: Video

    Erik Carlsson, whose skill with a Saab 96 singlehandedly put the company on the map in rally circles, died yesterday. While he was known as "Mr. Saab" in later years—a nod to his time served in the company's PR wing—his initial moniker of "On the Roof" Carlsson belied a rare talent behind the…

  • 10 things you didn't know about the Tesla Model S

    By now you’ve surely heard of the Insane Mode acceleration in the high-performance Tesla Model S P85D electric car. Beyond that go-fast button, we’ve found a ton of other features in the few week...

  • This Is No Illusion — Deadly Heat is Melting Roads in India

    Conditions continue to worsen in India, as a heatwave is relentlessly pounding its population. At least 1,000 people have died in the states of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana as a result of the record heat, according to the HindustanTimes. The projected forecast for the rest of the month doesn’t…

  • Michigan’s Lansing Grand River Plant Gears Up For 2016 Chevy Camaro Production

    The previous car was built at the Oshawa Car Assembly plant in Canada but the new one, revealed a week ago, is being built at the Lansing Grand River Assembly plant in Michigan. The Lansing Grand River Assembly plant builds other GM models based on the Alpha platform underpinning the new Camaro,…

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  • Tips for first-time car insurance buyers

    If you're a young adult about to buy a policy in your own name for the first time -- rather than staying under Mom or Dad's wing -- you will be considered a greater risk and pay proportionately more. Why?Statistically, you are many more times likely to have an accident than a driver over 25 is.You…

  • The 2016 Volvo XC90 is Simply a Great Place to Be: First Drive

    When the original XC90 made its debut for 2003, it was a big deal. American SUV shoppers went wild and made it Volvo’s most popular model for seven years in a row. Now, that aging model will depart dealer lots in favor of its newfangled Swedish successor. So is this one worth getting just as excited

  • Hyundai releases first Android Auto smartphone capability to U.S. market

    If you purchased a 2015 Hyundai Sonata with a factory-installed navigation system, and have a smartphone with the Android Lollipop 5.0 or higher operating system, you can integrate your car with ...

  • This Street Legal IndyCar is Very Real, Very Quick

    If you watched last weekend’s Indy 500, one idea might have struck you: “wouldn’t it be cool to drive a street legal IndyCar?” If that idea did arise, that answer would be a resounding “yes, very!” But you won’t be the only one with such a car.  Meet graphics man and master painter Dean Loucks.

  • Audi RS 6 Driver Runs Red Light, Gets Smacked By Tram: Video

    Watch as a speeding Audi RS 6 Avant driver on the streets of Poznan, Poland runs a red light and then crosses directly in front of a tram. The footage, taken by a dash-mounted camera of another vehicle waiting at the red light crossing, shows the complete crash as it unfolds. It appears the RS 6…

  • One Man's Fiat 500e Electric Car Might Get Him To Sell His BMW

    It's been said before, but the only way to understand why electric cars are a better way to drive is to drive one. Southern California marketing executive Chris Baccus has been a friend of Green Car Reports for a while now. Last month, he ended up buying a 2015 Fiat 500e based on an article on…

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  • VIDEO: Supermotos in the New Point Break Trailer

    I really cannot explain why I love ’80s movies the way I do. I hate them, but I love