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  • Lincoln Continental Revived As A Concept Sedan Looking East

    Giving new life to an iconic name is tough, but the struggling Lincoln brand is trying to do just that with the new Continental concept car — another bet on defining a 21st-century mission for Ford's luxury brand, with an eye toward growing in the world's most bustling luxury car market, China.

  • Watch a hot lap in the all-new 2016 Cadillac ATS-V

    I'm writing this brief article from an airplane having just sampled the all-new 2016 Cadillac ATS-V. So... how was it?

  • This Ford GT Has Fewer Miles Than You Walk in a Day — And a Huge Price

    It's not uncommon for a few modern speculators to buy rare models and then park them in hopes of profiting off vehicles with nearly no mileage. This 2006 Ford GT will test the market at Auctions America this weekend looking for half a million dollars — in return for a tiny number on the odometer.

  • On the Road In Mercedes Sci-Fi Self-Driving Car of 2030

    The vision of a city filled with cars that tell pedestrians when to cross — and perhaps block out the world from its passengers — is closer than you think.

  • Rider Badly Burned While Pumping Gas - This is Why You Turn off Your Bike When Pumping Gas

    [WARNING: This may be hard to watch] When I first moved to California I hated those fume-catcher-thingies on the gas pumps. They’re designed to re-route fumes back into the pump and tanks instead of into the air. However, If you're pumping gas into a

  • Charger Hellcat Gets Mid-Muffler Delete, Sounds Insane

    We’ve covered the Dodge Challenger and Charger Hellcat quite a bit here on BoldRide, and that’s because we absolutely love the 707 horsepower, rear-wheel drive monster machines. In fact, the Charger Hellcat was our BoldRide of the Year last year. However, it never crossed our minds that the Hellcat…

  • Watch the 2015 Red Bull Straight Rhythm Ride Live

    Get ready to shred dirt (or at least watch it happen) when the 2015 Red Bull Straight Rhythm Ride goes off at the Pomona Fairplex tomorrow, October 10th, at 12:30

  • McLaren Romances the ‘60s in its Limited Edition 650S Can-Am

    McLaren and its clandestine customization arm, McLaren Special Operations (MSO), give supercar buyers plenty of options when it comes to rare and exotic speed machines, and today is no different.  McLaren has announced a new limited-run model for 2016 known as the McLaren 650S Can-Am. Based on the…

  • McLaren P1, Porsche 918, Ferrari LaFerrari? Finally We Know Which Is Faster On Track

    How long have we been waiting for a definitive answer to the hypercar question of the century? Just yesterday Jeremy Clarkson posted a picture of his band of brothers posing with the big three — McLaren P1, Porsche 918 Spyder, Ferrari LaFerrari — for their new Amazon Prime show, and in…

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  • 2016 Honda Civic Strives to Be Premium Again

    Redesigned from the ground up, the 2016 Honda Civic hopes to recast the automaker’s mainstay small car as premium and aspirational, rather than just a big-selling commodity. While this represents...

  • Consumer Reports Tests VW Diesel Fuel Economy, Performance in “Cheat Mode”

    Did Volkswagen’s skirting of the EPA’s diesel emissions rules result in better fuel economy and performance for its cars? According to Consumer Reports testing, it appears so. Volkswagen has admitted to using special software settings while its diesel cars were being tested for emissions and fuel…

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  • World's Worst Traffic Jam: The G4 Beijing-Hong Kong-Macau Expressway

    These astonishing images show what it’s like to try and getaway for a short break in China. Several hundred million people are believed to have taken to the roads during “Golden Week,” a week-long holiday that has millions traveling back home or to domestic vacation destinations.  Photo: CEN/Yahoo…

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  • Mazda, Mercedes and Others Tied to Diesel Scandal—Is Testing to Blame?

    In wake of Volkswagen’s aptly-named #Dieselgate scandal, four more automakers have been roped into the ongoing diesel crisis. Mazda, Mercedes-Benz, Mitsubishi, and Honda cars have all been tested and emit “significantly” more pollution on the road than in tests. But is it entirely their fault? “The…

  • Why It’s Important to Get Back Onto a Motorcycle

    Later this week, I’ll be heading into Los Angeles to pick up a Honda motorcycle. It will be the first time since my accident that I get back on two wheels. And honestly, I have some trepidation. When I wrecked out, it hurt. A lot. I broke my shoulder, bruised both my back and my […]

  • Venice Vintage Motorcycle Rally 2015 - Great Bikes & Good Times

    Saturday, September 19th, 2015 marked the 8th annual Venice Vintage Motorcycle Rally in Venice Beach, CA. Even though I'm a little bitter towards the first event to take place the year I moved out of Venice (almost as if they were celebrating the fact), I

  • Honda's Power Exporter 9000 turns your electric car into the ultimate portable generator

    Modern electric and fuel cell cars can store a huge amount of electricity. Honda's Power Exporter 9000 lets you use it for something other than getting around.

  • Yes! The 2017 TVR Packs a Highly-Tuned Mustang V8

    Sometimes the stars align and great things happen. For fans of the recently revitalized TVR sports car brand, now is one of those occasions…and then some.  For those unfamiliar, TVR has been building ridiculous sports cars off-and-on since 1947. Their formula through the years, has been stuffing…