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  • Lincoln Continental Revived As A Concept Sedan Looking East

    Giving new life to an iconic name is tough, but the struggling Lincoln brand is trying to do just that with the new Continental concept car — another bet on defining a 21st-century mission for Ford's luxury brand, with an eye toward growing in the world's most bustling luxury car market, China.

  • Watch a hot lap in the all-new 2016 Cadillac ATS-V

    I'm writing this brief article from an airplane having just sampled the all-new 2016 Cadillac ATS-V. So... how was it?

  • This Ford GT Has Fewer Miles Than You Walk in a Day — And a Huge Price

    It's not uncommon for a few modern speculators to buy rare models and then park them in hopes of profiting off vehicles with nearly no mileage. This 2006 Ford GT will test the market at Auctions America this weekend looking for half a million dollars — in return for a tiny number on the odometer.

  • On the Road In Mercedes Sci-Fi Self-Driving Car of 2030

    The vision of a city filled with cars that tell pedestrians when to cross — and perhaps block out the world from its passengers — is closer than you think.

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  • Fourth Of July Study Sheds Light On Muscle Car Revival

    While it includes the Chevrolet Corvette and the Dodge Viper in the definition—purists would balk at calling them "muscle cars"—registrations are up over 35 percent during the last nine years, which is welcome news for anyone who likes high performance. Now, it's worth noting that the data goes…

  • The Great Race Saves Continental Racing From Obscurity

    Throughout the history of the automobile, there has always been a fascination of pushing the car to its limits. Whether that’s through the crucible of motorsports, or driving it across mountain passes, people have always wondered, “How far can I push a car?” It’s that same question that pushed The…

  • Ducati Demo Day - For the Rest of Us

    For motorcycle journalists, riding the latest dream machines is a job requirement.  But for the rest of us, the chance to spend an afternoon riding a manufactures full 2015 offerings on some of the best motorcycle roads in the western hemisphere is little

  • Top 5 American Made Cars for the 4th of July

    As America gets ready to celebrate the 4th of July, it seems only appropriate to ponder this question: what cars can truly call themselves American? Which rides get to wear the red, white and blue? Well, it all depends on who you ask. The answers might surprise you. Working off various research, we…

  • TVR is Back With Four New Models For 2017

    TVR has announced plans to start making cars again and is ready to take your money. The new car won’t be going on sale until 2017, but they’ll be taking deposits by the end of the month. This is earlier than they had originally planned due to a very positive reaction from the public. How

  • All American Racing Plymouth ‘Cuda is a 6-Pack of Patriotism

    With the 4th of July nearly upon us, we thought we’d revisit one of the most American muscle cars of all time: the 1970 All American Racing Plymouth Barracuda. The name alone conjures up images of the Stars and Stripes, but the story behind the car –and the team – are worth lighting a few

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  • How Formula E can overtake F1 and help save the world

    Find out why this electric racing series has a shot at becoming huge -- and how its technology could change the cars we drive for the better.

  • 4th of July Weekend Predicted To Be Deadly

    The 4th of July weekend could be deadly in the US–and not from terrorism attacks. This could be the highest death toll on the nation’s highways in seven years. The National Safety Council predicts more than 400 people will die and almost 50,000 will be injured in traffic collisions from 6pm, July 2…

  • These 7 Super Pickup Trucks are American Icons

    The pickup truck. It’s been a workhorse of the American economy and for decades it’s been one of the most popular vehicle segments on US roadways, ferrying people and products across this great nation. But American pickup trucks don’t just drive industry, a few can haul a lot more than loam!  So on…

  • Subaru WRX and BRZ Get Limited Edition HyperBlue Treatment

    Alright now, fellas, what’s bluer than being blue? HyperBlue! These are the 2016 Limited Edition Subaru Series.HyperBlue WRX STi and BRZ, and they come as sequels to the 2015 Series.Blue. Although the Series.Blue gave the option between Blue Pearl and Pearl White, the Series.HyperBlue is only…

  • This Weird Looking BMW i8 Runs on Hydrogen

    Just when you thought the BMW i8 couldn’t look any more futuristic, this prototype comes along. It’s not some post-apocalyptic preview of BMW’s to come, but rather, it’s a hydrogen fuel cell test mule based on the current BMW i8. At BMW’s “Group Innovation Days” event in France, the Bavarian…

  • How often should I replace brake fluid?

    Q. Some mechanics say that replacing brake fluid every three years will keep the braking system in top condition. It doesn’t mention that in my manual. What’s your take?—Dale Mettee, Westminster,...

  • Watch What Happens When Someone Pulls Over a Cop for Speeding

    Nobody exactly loves the police (don’t tell my best friend who is one). Obviously, everybody needs them and the services they provide, but more often than not, the thought of a police officer is associated with anger or unhappiness because of certain citations. That’s what makes this video, dug up…