Utah Cops PIT Fleeing 12-Year-Old Girl

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Utah Cops PIT Fleeing 12-Year-Old Girl
Utah Cops PIT Fleeing 12-Year-Old Girl

An unfortunate trend has sprung up recently where young kids lead police on chases. The latest example comes via Utah where a 12-year-old girl had to be pitted by state troopers because she wouldn’t pull over.

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Initially, a truck driver saw the car driving southbound on I-15 in North Salt Lake just before midnight on March 8 called 911 to report a drunk driver. The car in question was going slow, just 50 mph, didn’t have any lights on, and it was swerving between lanes, leading the trucker to believe the driver was intoxicated.


However, as local station KSL reports, the driver wasn’t hammered but instead was a 12-year-old girl who took her mother’s car without the mother’s knowledge. Why she took the vehicle isn’t mentioned in the report, but it does state that troopers had to PIT the vehicle because the tween wouldn’t pull over.

While a spokesperson for Utah Highway Patrol said this kind of occurrence is rare, we’ve seen kids as young as 8-years-old lead police on chases in different parts of the country recently. In other words, it does happen and it’s disturbing every time.

In this case, troopers had to break the window after pitting out the car, saying the girl would unlock the doors or even respond to them. Perhaps she knew she was truly busted.

She also must look older for her age, because they didn’t realize she was too young to be driving until they asked for her birthdate.

We hope this girl gets the help she obviously needs and that other kids in Utah and elsewhere don’t lead police on a chase again. But we also have a feeling we’ll be covering another case like this sooner than later.

Image via Utah Highway Patrol/Facebook

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