Viral livestream of Cybertruck release candidates on wild terrain receives strong reaction: ‘One of the most challenging routes in the world’

After Tesla Cybertrucks were spotted in Baja California, Mexico, Tesla posted a livestream of the vehicles off-roading in the region, per Electrek.

The official Tesla account posted the livestream video of two Cybertrucks trekking through an off-road course on X, formerly known as Twitter.

“We’re down here in Mexico. We’ve got two release candidates from Cybertruck doing off-road durability testing because we really wanted to see firsthand how these trucks handled one of the most challenging routes in the world,” the narrator says.

The trucks came straight from the factory floor and were only modified by adding “special race seats” with harnesses to ensure driver and passenger safety during the off-roading journey.

The narrator goes on to explain the scale of the test trip. The journey began in San Diego and traversed 1,280 miles down the Baja California peninsula, ending near Cabo. The narrator also says that any Tesla owner can follow the same route that the testers used thanks to the Tesla destination charging network, which ensured that there were adequate electric vehicle chargers along the route.


The narrator also says the journey traverses a wide variety of off-road environments, going between dry deserts, salt flats, cactus forests, ridges of rock, and sandy wash.

The narrator had nothing but praise for the electric trucks. “These trucks are hardcore. They’re super fun, super durable,” he says, adding that the only logistical issue they’d faced was a couple of flat tires.

He continued, saying, “The ability of these trucks is super impressive. You can get on the road being super comfortable driving on road, turn off onto the trailhead and suddenly switch to off road mode. We’ve got air suspension and active dampers, so we can totally change the ride and handling characteristics of the vehicle. And of course it’s not just capable but it’s super fun.”

Cybertrucks have inspired over two million pre-release reservations but have also prompted polarizing reception online. Some have deemed the vehicle’s design “ridiculous,” while others insist that it looks “ridiculously awesome.”

According to Statista, light-duty trucks like pickup trucks were the vehicle type responsible for the largest portion of pollution in the transportation sector in the United States in 2021, so replacing these gas-guzzlers with electric alternatives will help reduce pollution in our transportation.

Assuming the Cybertruck performs as well as the video suggests, the vehicle’s forthcoming debut on the EV market should be a win for the planet.

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