Volvo Delays EX30 US Launch Following New Tariff

2025 volvo ex30
Volvo Delays EX30 US Launch Following New TariffVolvo
  • The Volvo EX30 was originally scheduled for a summer 2024 launch in the United States, with the target shifting to 2025.

  • This delay comes amid an increase in tariffs for Chinese-manufactured electric vehicles.

  • This delay won’t affect the upcoming Volvo EX90.

If you were expecting a Volvo EX30 this summer, here’s some bad news: Volvo is delaying the Volvo EX30’s US launch. The company is now looking at sometime in 2025 for the EX30’s new delivery date. This delay comes after the Biden administration slapped a 100% tariff on Chinese-built electric vehicles. According to a Volvo spokesperson, this delay won’t affect the upcoming EX90’s launch.


The EX30 is Volvo’s push for a lower-cost battery-electric crossover and was slated to hit US dealers with a $36,245 starting price. Volvo’s original plan was to build the US-market EX30 crossovers in its plant in China, which is how the tariffs are likely factoring into this delay.

Of course, “likely” might be downplaying the issue. According to a statement from a Volvo spokesperson, the delay is a result of “changes in the automotive landscape.” The spokesperson goes further and clarifies, “We are always evaluating every aspect of our business. I can say that new tariffs played a role in our decision.”

The new 2025 launch target doesn’t have a narrower scope, but it will likely line up with Volvo spooling up another one of its factories to handle the load of US-bound EX30s. Volvo notes that markets outside of the United States aren’t affected by this delay, which lends further credence to this delay as a reaction to the recent tariff.

It’s also worth noting that this delay won’t affect the upcoming Volvo EX90 crossover, which is still expected to start shipping this year.

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