Watch An Arkansas Trooper Quickly PIT A Suspect At 113 MPH

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Watch An Arkansas Trooper Quickly PIT A Suspect At 113 MPH
Watch An Arkansas Trooper Quickly PIT A Suspect At 113 MPH

One thing Arkansas State Police is known for doing well is pitting out fleeing suspects. Troopers get called into ongoing chases all the time because they know how to put a quick end to them, even when other law enforcement agencies struggle. That includes federal authorities.

How does this Kia get away from Arkansas State Police?

In this dashcam footage, Trooper Dairren Evans is called to assist the 2nd Judicial Drug Task Force with stopping a fleeing federal fugitive. That suspect had already showed aggression towards the pursuing federal agents, almost running one off the road and ramming another one.


Trooper Evans comes into this red hot chase just in time. Traffic is fairly thick, providing quite the obstacle cop in his Tahoe. But the trooper uses the right shoulder creatively, cutting past the logjam and getting close to the fleeing suspect.

But there’s confusion as the suspect cuts here and there, the radio chatter constantly changing about where the vehicle is heading. This federal fugitive probably already has experience tying cops into knots during pursuits, so he’s proving to be a real handful.

To catch up to the constantly changing directions, Trooper Evans has to do some creative shortcut finding and snake through plenty more traffic. But he finally catches up to the suspect as he keeps giving federal agents hell on the highway.

Just like that, the sea of pursuing authorities parts and lets the trooper through. Everyone knows what the man is there to do and we wonder if the suspect realizes what’s going on.

He doesn’t have much time to think about it, because Trooper Evans PITs him out in textbook style in mere seconds. The federal fugitive also doesn’t have the ability to just bail since his car spins off the road and rolls multiple times before coming to rest.

And this is why ASP is so respected. It took the trooper just seconds to do what the others couldn’t in a long chase.

Image via Police Pursuits/YouTube

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