Watch an Aston Martin DBX 707 Average 8 MPG At Top Speed

autotopnl aston martin dbx 707 autobahn run
Aston Martin DBX 707 Averages 8 MPG At Top SpeedAutoTopNL / YouTube

With a top speed of 193 MPH, the Aston Martin DBX 707 is just about the fastest SUV you can buy today. That makes it a monster of a car to actually own and drive, one that is overwhelmingly fast in an entire category of car that had only even begun to consider fast as an option in the past 15 years. It makes very little sense out in the real world, but the unrestricted Autobahn is barely the real world, anyway.

In a video released earlier this week, YouTube channel AutoTopNL took the DBX 707 to that famous stretch of open highway for a series rigorous straight line tests. Those tests, of course, including an all-important run to over 188 MPH in light rain. The super SUV seems to handle itself well on acceleration and all the way up within 5 MPH of its listed top speed, never faltering from looking like a luxury car under complete control from the driver's-eye angle. The windshield wipers even still work well enough at those speeds.


But there is a caveat. When the channel briefly cuts to a camera recording the dashboard, we can see just how much fuel the DBX 707 has used over the course of these runs. The lowest visible efficiency rating is 28.1 liters per 100 KM, or 8.3 MPG, over the course of just 83 kilometers of running. Worse, the number is visibly going up (which, in American efficiency parlance, would be the same as an MPG rating going down) by the second as acceleration continues and the camera hides the panel with the rating away well before the top speed run is done.

If you want to go 193 MPH in an SUV on the one road in the world where such a thing is not just possible but actually doable with some degree of safety, the Aston Martin DBX 707 is your only option. If you want to do it efficiently, you may have to pick a different dream.

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