WATCH: Chiefs rookie RB Isiah Pacheco’s draft week vlog

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Kansas City Chiefs rookie RB Isiah Pacheco provided a snapshot into what the week of the 2022 NFL draft looked like for him and his family.

Pacheco shared a vlog (video blog) on his YouTube channel that lifted the veil on the days leading up to the draft through his seventh-round selection by the Chiefs. He starts off his video, by explaining the anxiousness leading up to the draft. Ironically, he’d just got off a zoom call with a scout from Kansas City’s AFC West rival, the Los Angeles Chargers.

Fast forward to the draft and we get to see a glimpse of what those three days were like for Pacheco. He’d already provided an idea of what he was up to while speaking to reporters at rookie minicamp.

“Draft night, I went for two days,” Pacheco told reporters at rookie minicamp. “I was thinking more so like late third round, but you know it didn’t work out (that way). So I went to the next day, family was there. We were at a place called, ‘Double Eagle.’ It’s kind of a little sports bar where one of my other buddies got drafted. I followed his footsteps, went to the same place and just was waiting for the call.”

He also provides fans a glimpse of his draft call from the Chiefs, from both sides of the glass. Pacheco told reporters about his draft call and a funny moment involving Andy Reid.

“When I got it, I stepped outside,” Pacheco said. “It was crazy. Coach Reid asked me, ‘Are you alive?’ I heard (Brett Veach) say, I believe he said, ‘We’re going to turn your ticket in. Turn the TV on.’ So I was so excited, I put the phone in my pocket. Mind you, I didn’t even know I didn’t hang up and Coach (Reid) was still on the phone. Everybody was screaming and coach was like, ‘Wow. Are you alive?’ I couldn’t even hear him because it was just screaming.”

It’s safe to say, by the look on Reid’s face, he couldn’t hear anything but the screaming either.


Chiefs news roundup — 5/15/2022