Watch A Ford F-150 Shake Off A Couple Of PITs

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Watch A Ford F-150 Shake Off A Couple Of PITs
Watch A Ford F-150 Shake Off A Couple Of PITs

Members of the Ramsay County Sheriff’s Office chased a suspect through their neck of the woods in Minnesota not too long ago only to realize they were dealing with a professional driver. At least the guy behind the wheel of the Ford F-150 that was reported stolen seems to have experience running from cops, because he not only recognized when a deputy tried to PIT him, he knew what to do to shake it off.

Watch some Minnesota teens learn about physics the hard way here.

We’re seeing this more and more lately with criminals running from the cops while showing off some pretty interesting anti-pursuit skills. This guy was caught in the end, but he still made things as difficult as he possibly could, which we’re sure everyone involved just loved.


If nothing else, he serves as an object lesson on what we’ve been told personally by members of law enforcement in different parts of the country: they don’t get enough training on doing PITs. One law enforcement officer admitted to us rather sheepishly once that the last time he’d performed a PIT maneuver was back in the police academy. He was a ten-year veteran of the force, so when he finally got the chance to try a PIT in the field, it didn’t go so well.

One department we’ve seen execute PITs with sheer grace over and over is Arkansas State Police. Criminals and their allies really seem to hate them for that, go figure.

This deputy got a few tries at a successful PIT himself, thanks to the F-150 driver knowing how to foil and even shake off the front-to-back-end contact rather well. Yes, that sounds like the title of another bad Taylor Swift song and we just hate that.

Third time was the charm in this pursuit as a PIT spun the pickup truck around and the driver plus his passenger ran like some weird Gumby character across a parking lot. Criminals need to start working out if they want to outpace a cop in a Ford Explorer without looking like a fool on the dashcam footage. We’ll blame Fortnite or whatever the kids are playing these days.

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