Watch Georgia State Patrol Chase Down A Stolen Police Car

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Watch Georgia State Patrol Chase Down A Stolen Police Car
Watch Georgia State Patrol Chase Down A Stolen Police Car

A suspect in Savannah, Georgia physically assaulted a Catham County Police officer, then stole his car. When a call comes out to chase down the cruiser, Georgia State Patrol answers with troopers understanding the urgency in stopping the violent suspect.

Dodge Durango cop cars have some serious problems.

Bodycam footage shows the events leading up to the cop car theft. A guy who claims to be having his broken down Chevy Avalanche towed from a hotel parking lot is evasive with details about who he is and who owns the truck. When the officer has enough, he tries arresting the guy, but a fight ensues and the suspect pulls a gun before stealing the Ford Explorer Police Interceptor.


When the video jumps to dashcam footage, we’re riding with a state trooper as he’s verbally frustrated with people who won’t get out of the way as he’s going lights and sirens. But he’s able to swim through traffic and catch up, getting right up on the stolen police car.

That’s when the suspect decides to take the Ford Explorer back to its roots and begins off-roading. That’s short-lived and probably for the best since the crossover is nothing like its ancestor.

While this chase is going on, bystanders obviously believe the suspect is part of the pursuit party, not the quarry. After all, the guy is code three in a law enforcement vehicle.

Up to this point this has been a fairly tame chase, but the suspect fires a shot at the lead trooper, hitting his windshield so we see spider cracks in the glass. Considering the guy attacked a cop and tried to shoot him, it’s not a surprising development but it’s certainly concerning.

Just as concerning is the suspect using intersections to get ahead of the trooper. With his violent nature and the police car, there’s no letting him get away.

But the suspect does a good job of keeping ahead, until he reaches a busy major intersection, turns right wide, and smacks a Range Rover nose-to-nose. He pushes the damaged Explorer after that, but parts start falling off and he obviously is struggling to control it.

He eventually wrecks out and is taken at gunpoint by troopers, ending a truly wild chase of a stolen police car.

Image via State Boyzzz/YouTube