Watch this GMC Sierra pickup slide down a boat launch into a lake

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Turns out, the GMC Sierra doesn’t float. In case you were wondering about experimenting, some folks in Illinois already have that covered.

You can see the video from WICS ABC NewsChannel 20 above. The only reason this mishap was caught on video is because the news station was running a short standup segment at the boat launch. The truck slowly slips out of view, and eventually, the reporter turns around to see that the real story is taking place behind him.

The white pickup and owners were in the process of launching a boat into Lake Springfield when the truck began to slowly make its way too far back with nobody around to save it. Local news and the police reported that nobody was inside the pickup when it submerged itself into the lake. Plus, there were no injuries to speak of.

It appears that this is just a good ol' fashioned case of improper boat launching. One minute, there’s a shiny, new Sierra pickup. Just 30-40 seconds later, and the truck is fully underwater. The camera operator trains in on the folks attempting to launch the boat (that did successfully make it into the water), and predictably, they don’t look pleased.

Be safe out there, folks. And if you’re going to drive your vehicle into the water, make sure it’s an Amphicar.

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