Watch A Judge Get Arrested After Crashing While Intoxicated

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Watch A Judge Get Arrested After Crashing While Intoxicated
Watch A Judge Get Arrested After Crashing While Intoxicated

One would think a judge stands as a symbol of civil fortitude, an individual who follows the law to the best of his ability while holding those who don’t accountable for their actions. The reality is sometimes judges do really awful things like driving drunk. This is a story about one judge who did that and crashed, plus what happened next.

Drunk driver going the wrong way on freeway calls 911 to report wrong-way drunk driver.

Back on February 26, 2023, 911 dispatch in Santa Fe, New Mexico received a call about a car that had flipped over on Interstate 25. Santa Fe officers were sent to investigate, never suspecting the person involved was a respected judge.

When they arrived, the judge was already sitting on top of his wrecked, overturned vehicle like everything was just fine. A lot of times when people are impaired they try really hard to act calm and cool to the extent they come off as weird like this guy.


There were other just as obvious signs this guy was loaded, including his breath reeking of alcohol and slurring of speech. Anyone who’s ever dealt with a drunk person has experienced this and more firsthand, even if the drunk thinks they’re being sneaky.

It wasn’t until officers asked for the driver’s ID that they realized the drunk guy was actually a newly elected judge for the county. Who could blame them? He looked more like your average person at a dive bar than someone who’s sat for the state bar exam and presides over courtroom proceedings.

Not only did the judge refuse a blood draw and medical attention at the hospital, he resisted as they handcuffed him again. Not behavior one would expect from a judge, yet again.

Back at the police station he seemed to sober up more, realizing just how badly he’d screwed up. When he was told he couldn’t bond out and instead would have to go before a judge, he almost told the officer that he himself is a judge.

The judge definitely seems to feel some remorse and even tries talking the officer into letting him go. We’re sure they get that a lot. He was also super concerned about not being able to show up at work Monday morning, probably realizing that would raise some questions, as if they weren’t going to find out what happened anyway.

Sure enough, he was later suspended from the job pending an outcome in the courts and the man later resigned.

Thankfully this New Mexican judge was only in a single-car accident instead of hitting someone else. He couldn’t killed someone else or caused injuries someone wouldn’t have recovered from for the rest of their life. This is why drunk driving is an extremely stupid, selfish thing to do.

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