Watch This Massive Tow Truck Roll Three Times After Hitting Suspected Distracted Driver

A gif showing a truck hitting a pickup and rolling off the road.
A gif showing a truck hitting a pickup and rolling off the road.

The tow truck driver walked away with whiplash and a broken finger.

A tow truck driver in Colorado was forced to call for backup when his rig rolled off the road after being hit by a suspected distracted driver last week. The Mountain Recovery tow truck was hit by a car that swerved to miss stopped traffic, it then rolled three times before coming to a rest at the side of the road.

The crash occurred near the town of Lakewood, Colorado, after a driver swerved from their lane at the last minute to avoid slowing traffic ahead. When they quickly changed lanes, the driver of a white SUV crashed with the front of the Mountain Recovery tow truck, which hit the back of a pickup truck, rolled three times and came to a rest on the side of the highway. In total, the crash involved six cars.

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The truck’s owner, Charlie Stubblefield, says the recovery vehicle now looks as if it’s been “through the crusher” as its front end is as “crumpled as it gets,” he told CBS News. He also suggested that the six-vehicle crash could have caused “multi-million dollars” worth of damage, which could mean that a hefty bill is on its way to the uninsured driver that caused the collision.

Police in Lakewood have not identified the driver of the white SUV that caused the pileup, however they have now been hit with careless driving charges.

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