Watch This Mold-Filled Ford GT Fire Up After Rotting in a Garage for 10+ Years

ford gt barn find
This Moldy Ford GT Ran After Rotting for 15 YearsVINwiki / YouTube

Cars can — and sadly, often do — sometimes sit unused and largely forgotten for years. Usually, the cars that do are project cars, being slowly sclupted towards some sort of end; rarely are they supercars, and even more rarely relatively modern ones at that — and even more rarely a relatively modern supercar that exploded in value a decade after it went on sale. That makes finding a Ford GT sitting idle in a garage for over a decade unlikely, but at least one did exist — and the VINwiki YouTube channel found it.

The car is located in Georgia, where it reportedly sat in an owner's garage for between 10 and 15 years. Considering production of the car kicked off 20 years ago, the GT has likely spent half its life parked in this garage stall. From the looks of the video, it spent that time growing what looks like mold inside the cabin, with the nasty stuff visible on just about every interior surface.


Other than the mold and the dust, the GT is in impressive shape. The struts on both the hood and engine cover still work, the car still fires up without a check engine light, and it even idles without any assistance. The car is not quite mechanically sound enough to actually drive on an unknown amount of decade-old fuel, but it is already a running example of Ford's last V-8-powered supercar.

With a little bit of maintenance and a thorough cleaning of every surface, this moldy GT will be back on the road in top shape soon. Another GT sold for $440,000 last week, so expect the price of the lightly-restored "barn" find to be substantial.

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