Watch Ohio Police Arrest An 8-Year-Old For Car Theft

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Watch Ohio Police Arrest An 8-Year-Old For Car Theft
Watch Ohio Police Arrest An 8-Year-Old For Car Theft

Kids are stealing cars and it’s been going on for some time. Blame TikTok videos teaching how to do it, parents for not being more aware of what’s going on their kids’ lives, society for not reinforcing that stealing is wrong, or any number of other contributing factors. But this bodycam footage of police in Ohio arresting an eight-year-old boy for trying to steal a Kia should be a wakeup call.

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While we think most people will be shocked by the young age of the suspect, sadly we aren’t. After all, we’ve covered kids not too much older than him carjacking people are gunpoint. It didn’t used to be this way, but young children are getting swept up into theft rings in part because the adult criminals know authorities will go much softer on the youth when they’re inevitably caught.


It’s sad to see how casual everyone out and about in the neighborhood is about seeing the kid in handcuffs as he’s marched to the squad car. Some even take the chance to mock him in passive aggressive ways.

As for the kid, he keeps asking if he’s going to jail and how long he’ll be locked up. It’s like incarceration is just a part of life for him and that’s truly sad. For him going to jail is probably just part of life, not something that’s horrible and rare like how it is for most kids.

As the officer gets the kid into his cruiser, the youth immediately starts selling out his accomplice, claiming the older guy “made” him drive the stolen Kia. The kid was obviously scared and officers took off the cuffs before having him sit in the backseat. We’d love to believe this got the kid back on the strait and narrow, but we know so often it doesn’t.

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