Watch People Save A Runaway Chihuahua On A Busy Highway

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Watch People Save A Runaway Chihuahua On A Busy Highway
Watch People Save A Runaway Chihuahua On A Busy Highway

There’s a lot of doom and gloom in the world today and sometimes it can really weigh you down. If you’re in need of a pick me up and reminder that not everyone is a jerk, check out this video of strangers working together to save a runaway chihuahua that’s on a busy New York freeway.

Texas woman steals an Uber driver’s car because he was “driving too slow.”

Many times, animals that get loose in such an environment become instant roadkill. It’s a tragic reality which is why we hate seeing someone’s pet in this situation. Apparently we’re not the only ones as not only our camera car but other drivers slow down, put on their hazards, and shield this dog as it tries slipping away to freedom.


A lot of chihuahuas are notorious for running away. We don’t know if it’s just something in their instinctive nature but there are other dog breeds which bolt for the open every chance they get, even if they’re completely pampered at home.

This little guy initially slips the female motorist who gets out of her vehicle to scoop him up, showing that if he could carry a football he’d make an excellent running back with those kinds of moves. Careful to not run the slippery little pooch over, or run into each other, the drivers follow and try corralling the little stinker who switches from one should of the road to the other.

If only someone were carrying a lasso, they could’ve roped this dog and the whole ordeal would’ve been over instantly. Instead, the chase continues as a growing cavalcade of vehicles trail behind.

Some clever people pulled up on the shoulder ahead and waited for the chihuahua, who upon seeing the woman stoop down to scoop him up makes a beeline for the other shoulder. Thankfully he doesn’t go for it as some traffic speeds past or surely he would’ve been a pooch pancake.

Instead, the chase continues with the woman on foot and the car procession slowly trailing. It finally comes to an end when the man pulls the vehicle onto the shoulder ahead and the dog takes shelter from the woman underneath. What a little stinker!