Watch A Rimac Nevera Set A New Top Speed Record In Reverse

Gif: Rimac
Gif: Rimac

Rimac’s 1,900 horsepower electric hypercar has been breaking records all year, smashing 23 speed records back in May, and breaking the Nürburgring lap record for electric vehicles a couple of months ago. Like the photographer at a corporate retreat, after setting those records Rimac said, “Let’s do a fun one!” It slammed the car in reverse and went full send. With a full schedule of Guinness World Record measuring equipment and staff on hand, Rimac’s driver Goran Drndak stepped on board and floored it. He ran the monster EV up to 171.34 miles per hour!

“It occurred to us during development that Nevera would probably be the world’s fastest car in reverse, but we kind of laughed it off. The aerodynamics, cooling and stability hadn’t been engineered for travelling backwards at speed, after all. But then, we started to talk about how fun it would be to give it a shot. Our simulations showed that we could achieve well over 150mph but we didn’t have much of an idea how stable it would be – we were entering unchartered territory,” said Matija Renic, Nevera chief program engineer.

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