Watch A Sudden Tornado Toss A Truck Into Traffic Like It’s A Piece Of Trash

You can’t park there. - Gif: News4JAX The Local Station
You can’t park there. - Gif: News4JAX The Local Station

The true force of nature was out flexing its muscle in Florida this weekend, when a tornado hit the region. The storm was so strong that it started throwing pickup trucks aside as if they were nothing more than kites floating on a breeze.

After we watched from inside a freight train that was hit by a twister earlier this year, the wind has picked up once again and a tornado hit Florida on June 28. The category EF-1 twister tore through Jacksonville, Florida, on Friday, reports 7 News in Miami.

As the wind came rushing through Jacksonville, the twister passed over a used car lot by the side of a main road. As the winds reached more than 100 miles per hour, a white pickup for sale at the lot was picked up and thrown into the road. As 7 News reports:


The confirmed EF-1 twister tore through a car lot in Jacksonville, Friday afternoon. It packed winds of up to 100 miles per hour — strong enough to lift the truck and toss it. The pickup landed in the median, and fortunately, other drivers avoided getting hit.

Video of the truck being flipped into traffic started circulating on social media. In footage of the incident, the wind flipped the truck into the road and blocked the path of oncoming traffic, forcing one driver to slam on the brakes of their own truck when the flying pickup landed in front of them.

The footage, which you can watch for yourself below, is also filled with the shouts of scared onlookers who are clamoring for shelter from the storm.

Despite the shocking nature of the scene, nobody was injured by the flying truck. However, local news outlets report that the storm cut power to more than 7,000 Floridians, ripped roofs off houses and uprooted trees.

Twisters have been wreaking havoc for American motorists in recent years. A tornado was blamed for a massive 25-car pileup in Michigan last summer, while another driver was seen plowing head on into a serious storm.

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