Watch two cars sink in the St. Lawrence River during an ice race

If you race cars on an icy river, you have to know this is going to happen someday, right?

During an ice race Saturday on the St. Lawrence River south of Montreal, two cars fell in.

Drone footage above shows the overhead view. But the in-car camera view below is even more entertaining.

The annual Kahnawake Ice Racing Series is held the Mohawk community of Kahnawake. What with climate change and all, they may want to consider pushing back the race dates into January.

Bryar Lawrence, who runs the event, said, "We all know the risk we take as soon as we get on that ice and everyone understands this sport we love, comes with these types of risk."

A driver not involved in the sinkings said the ice was 14-16 inches thick and the race's minimum for holding the event is 10 inches, so he said the ice thickness was not a factor. Though, well, obviously, seems that it was.

Nobody was injured, and the two sunken cars were recovered the next day.


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