Watch a YouTuber Smash a Fence, Thrash on Gravel, and Climb Dirt Hills in Ferrari F8

ferrari f8 offroad
Watch a YouTuber Abuse This Ferrari F8WhistlinDiesel - YouTube

Most Ferraris live pampered, easy lives. They might leave their climate-controlled garages once a month to visit a Cars & Coffee event or for an ultra-expensive detail or service. But not this Ferrari.

This Ferrari F8 Tributo has been subjected to a much more difficult existence courtesy of WhistlinDiesel, a YouTuber known for pushing cars to within inches of their lives. His latest video, titled "I bought a $400,000 Ferrari just to destroy it," shows him doing just that in spectacular fashion through a series of off-road exploration tests.

The video starts off light, giving viewers a glimpse at the capabilities of the F8 on the street. Things quickly get interesting when our host takes the car up a dirt road sideways, smashing a fence in the process. What follows is several minutes of drifting and, presumably, lots of rock chips on the shiny red paint.

At one point WhistlinDiesel decides to drive through a field of tall grass, getting the rear-drive supercar stuck in the mud. It proceeds to throw numerous codes, likely overheating as a result of all the high-revving abuse. We're sure Ferrari, a company known for perusing legal action against their customers, will love to see this.

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