This Is Why You Shouldn’t Engage In Road Rage

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This Is Why You Shouldn’t Engage In Road Rage
This Is Why You Shouldn’t Engage In Road Rage

Road rage fights are a dumb thing to get into, whether or not you start one. While both drivers probably feel justified in their actions during the heat of the moment, the truth is anyone who escalates such a situation is playing with fire. That’s a big takeaway from a video of a road rage fight on a Bronx freeway which went viral not too long ago.

Woman kills a man in a road rage fight.

We’ve included the video if you didn’t catch it or want to refresh your memory. It’s between a younger guy in a BMW crossover and a senior citizen in a Toyota Sienna minivan. We don’t see what precipitated the fight, but we do see the result.


The BMW cuts in front of the minivan, then stops. With the Toyota stationary, the younger guy gets out and punches the elderly man through his open window. After that, the elderly man throws garbage at the BMW, yells at the other driver, and even makes some gestures.

In other words, these two just keep escalating things.

That’s when the BMW driver runs back over, punches and argues with the elderly man some more. Then he wrenches the minivan’s driver’s door open and tries pulling the other guy out. After a bit of a struggle, the younger guy marches back to his Bimmer.

Instead of just letting things go, the elderly man steps out of his Toyota and opens the back door of the BMW, trying to get inside before the other guy takes off. But the younger guy hits the accelerator, crushing the older man between the two vehicles before throwing him to the road.

We can’t imagine the minivan driver didn’t suffer some injuries, although we don’t know what happened to him for sure. What we do know is both he and the other driver made a lot of moves to escalate the situation, turning it into a far more dangerous road rage incident than it was initially.

Image via Ying Tan/X