This High-Powered Off-Road Electric Kart Is Ludicrous

a person riding a go kart
High-Powered Off-Road Electric Kart Is LudicrousGrind Hard Plumbing Co/YouTube

Human creativity knows no bounds. We’ve sent people to the moon, built edifices that stood for thousands of years, carved roads into and through mountains, and even used alchemy to bring Four Loko to every gas station west of the Atlantic. But nothing compares to the ingenuity that the guys at Grind Hard Plumbing Co. used to build this ludicrous off-road electric shifter kart.

Many of you may already know of the exploits of Grind Hard, as they’ve been prolific in their quest of building and driving/riding all manner of insane machines. There’s the 2JZ tractor, an infamous ATV-powered Barbie Jeep, and even a Suzuki Hayabusa snow bike residing in their greasy garage. Yet, this off-road electric shifter kart is the one that looks like the most fun out of the group, though just as dangerous.


Powering this righteous plaything is a 28,000-watt electric motor kit from Electro & Co., which had previously powered the group’s Power Wheels Porsche. However, after finding that the electric oomph was a little too much for Grind Hard’s gravel and off-road escapades, they went about changing a few key things to make it more driveable. Well, more driveable in terms of it can at least get down the road now.

Key upgrades from its previous iteration included new wheels and off-road tires, a custom skid plate to protect the driver and the drivetrain from nailing any large rocks or sticks, as well as some bash bars because these guys crash. Like a lot. And they’ve already crashed this kart repeatedly. But the idea is to make it slightly safer for the driver and the machine whenever they take it for a spin.

While the whole build is wild, and I’d give a lot to have this thing parked in my shed, what’s pretty remarkable is how relatively little the whole thing likely cost the crew. Electro & Co. sells the electric motor kit for $7,500–though a sale is going on now–and you can pick up a shifter kart frame for under $1,000 on the used market. Then all you’ll need is a set of off-road tires and you’ve got the makings for stupid-fun backyard hoonery.

I’d probably think twice before sending my children out to drive it, but you’d be hard-pressed to stop me from railing up and down my neighborhood’s dirt roads. Though I’m sure my HOA might have a few choice words.

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