Williams ‘continually evaluating’ replacing Sargeant mid-season

Williams is “continually evaluating” the possibility of replacing Logan Sargeant during this season, team principal James Vowles admits.

Sargeant has been under pressure at Williams for the majority of his 18 months with the team so far, due to a number of expensive crashes last season and a lack of results compared to teammate Alex Albon. While there have been standout moments such as a pair of Q3 appearances last year and a stronger showing at Silverstone last weekend where he finished 11th, Sargeant’s failed to score a point so far in 2024 and Vowles says Williams is open to a mid-season change of driver.

“We’re continually evaluating it,” Vowles said. “What we’ve said to Logan is it’s a meritocracy. You have to make sure you earn your place in the sport continuously. That’s been the same message that has been for 18 months really for him. And we are open-minded to things.


“What I’ve said before and I’ve maintained today, is that our car — and this is a responsibility on my shoulders and the team — isn’t quick enough. It’s not a driver issue we suffer from today. We’ve simply been out-developed and we have to make sure we accelerate that process.”

With Sargeant almost certain to lose his seat next year, Carlos Sainz has been the main target for Williams when it comes to its 2025 lineup but Vowles says any movement on that front is now more likely to come during the summer break.

“I’ll go back to, he’s a world class driver,” he said of Sainz. “So the decision isn’t imminent. It’s not today that we need to make it. But what I’ve said all along is actually the timeline is less important to me. What’s more important is that whatever decision we come to or the driver comes to, it’s about forging a long-term relationship with each other — i.e. both see the journey we’re on and want that to be a part of their lives.

“I’m fairly sure you’ll see all this cleared up before we get to September. That’s the normal time. If you look at a normal routine, we’re actually just now going back into what is a normal schedule where August is spent doing contracts. But I’m pretty sure you’ll find it all cemented by then.”

Vowles says there are more options available to Williams beyond Sainz for next season, with multiple plans in place depending on how the driver market evolves.

“Fundamentally, yes [there’s a plan B],” he said. “Simple answer to it … I think we’re on about Y or Z by now, just to be clear. But no, there’s a lot of moving parts to it. More than the world will see, but it will all make sense, I think, once it fans out.”

Story originally appeared on Racer