A Woman In Georgia Discovered Over $500 In Cash In Her KFC Order

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Photo credit: David Silverman
Photo credit: David Silverman

When visiting your favorite fast food restaurant, it's a minor miracle finding an extra dipping sauce or extra fries in your bag, but imagine discovering over $500 in cash. That's exactly what happened to a grandmother in Georgia when she visited the drive-thru at her local KFC to purchase a chicken sandwich meal.

While speaking with Atlanta's WSB-TV, JoAnn Oliver admitted that times have "been rough," but she knew she couldn't keep the cash, which totaled $543.10. Instead, she opted to alert authorities. According to Oliver, she made the surprising discovery once she got back to work following her KFC run.

"I was shocked," said Oliver while speaking with WSB-TV. "I didn't know what to say. I pulled the sandwich out and I'm just like. I started counting it and when I got to 500, I stopped...I said 'Nah, I can't keep this.'"

Once police returned the money to the KFC, the manager of the restaurant informed them that he was supposed to deposit the cash, but mistakenly placed the large sum of money in the wrapper for Oliver's sandwich. The manager thanked the woman and revealed that she saved his job.

Oliver, who also serves as caretaker to her husband who has suffered multiple strokes and is battling cancer, shared that their most recent medical bill was over a quarter million dollars. Despite their substantial medical bills, she expressed her confidence that the cash she discovered will "come back two-folds."

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