Worldwide Auctioneers Is Selling A Stunning 1980 Duesenberg II Speedster This Weekend

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Who would expect such great performance from a vintage car like this?

Typically, you might expect to only see a specific or unique design stick around for about a decade. Take the 1960s for example, with straight side profiles and flaring fenders that reflect a very Coke-bottle like shape they took America by storm in the form of muscle cars. Or perhaps you’re into older vehicles like those of the 1930s. Either way, there’s pretty much only one brand whose dedication to the world of automotive design carried beyond a single generation. That was Duesenberg.

Just take this Duesenberg II Speedster for example which resembles the styling of the 1920s and ‘30s perfectly. All of this is possible even despite the vehicle having been produced in 1980. That’s right, everything about the body indicates a far more vintage origin, from the separated fenders to exposed headlights. However, in truth it’s only about 43 years old as compared to others that look like it, built nearly 100 years ago.

One major feature you probably won’t find in other cars with similar styling is the Ford V8 engine under the hood making tons of power. This also has the seemingly accidental side effect of giving the car a striking header design. Finally, you’ll never have trouble driving around with the automatic transmission, power brakes, and power steering. Overall, this Duesenberg is one of only 71 cars that perfectly resembles the cars of the earlier days of automotive design while still offering semi-modern performance. That’s exactly why you should consider getting behind the wheel.

For all those enthusiasts and collectors eager to buy and sell great cars this spring, the road leads right back to Auburn, Indiana, the original “Classic Car Capital of the World” and birthplace of the collector car auction industry in America.

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