Yes, Even Front-Wheel-Drive LS Swaps Are Cool

Brian Silvestro
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Photo credit: Hot Rod Magazine - Facebook
Photo credit: Hot Rod Magazine - Facebook

From Road & Track

One of the many reasons why Chevy LS V-8 swaps are so popular is size. Thanks to their pushrod design, they occupy a relatively small space, allowing them to fit into places no other V-8 could. This LS-swapped Volkswagen Beetle is a great example.

According to Engine Swap Depot, this V-8-powered 1999 Beetle was built by Dave Hill, owner of Dave's Discount Custom Auto in Provo, Utah. If you're familiar with the "new" Beetle, you'll know it uses a front-engine, front-wheel-drive layout, rather than a rear-engine, rear-drive design of the original. Hill decided to retain the car's FWD design, swapping an LS4—a 5.3-liter LS designed specifically for transverse-engine front-wheel-drive applications—out of a Monte Carlo SS. The result is a Beetle that looks totally stock from the outside, and still powers the front wheels. Except it has nearly triple the horsepower, and sounds a whole lot better:

This isn't the first awesome front-wheel-drive LS-swapped vehicle we've seen. Back in February 2019 we came across Kevin Piper's LS4-swapped Pontiac Montana van in all of its front-tire-melting burnout glory.

LS swaps are great, no matter which wheels they power. Don't let anyone tell you differently.

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