If You're A Nissan GT-R Fan You Need This Book

Image: Carrara Media
Image: Carrara Media

“When it comes to sports cars, no single model unites people like the golden child of the Japanese auto industry: the Nissan GT-R,” Ryan K. ZumMallen wrote on just the second page of his book. Getting straight to the point, this book sets out to prove that the GT-R is not only the most desired car maybe ever, but to tell the tale that led us here. Why are enthusiasts so taken by the mythical GT-R story? Is it just that we couldn’t buy them in the U.S.? Is it that we remember them from old Playstation games?

Author Ryan — also publisher at Carrara Media and life-long GT-R enthusiast — went to Japan to track down the history, talk to the people who made it happen, and witness the culture that forged the car in the first place. Here’s what he has to say about his own book:

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