Australian Man Carjacked And Run Over By His Own Vehicle

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Australian Man Carjacked And Run Over By His Own Vehicle
Australian Man Carjacked And Run Over By His Own Vehicle

A man in Melbourne, Australia was run over by his own vehicle after a carjacker took off with it. The scary situation was caught on surveillance camera and shows just how quickly someone can take your ride when the situation is just right.

Would-be carjacker holds on for dear life as victim takes off.

In the footage shared by local station 10 News First, you can see the crossover sitting on a narrow street in Melbourne’s Central Business District. A man and woman had just unloaded items from the vehicle and were on the sidewalk nearby when the carjacker approaches.


The suspect silently rolls up on an electric scooter, loads it inside through the driver’s side back door, then jumps into the driver’s seat. That’s when the man and woman both notice the vehicle is about to be stolen.

Both victims ran over to the crossover in an attempt to stop the carjacker from getting away. While the woman came up to the driver’s window and tried grabbing the steering wheel, the man put himself directly in harm’s way, standing in front of the vehicle.

Perhaps the man thought it he was blocking the crossover with his body the thief wouldn’t drive away. He was wrong, almost dead wrong. The suspect just drove forward, dragging the woman on the side for a short while and literally running over the man.

10 News First says the man suffered serious injuries and was rushed to the hospital. We imagine he was pretty badly mangled by the ordeal. However, he’s been stabilized so at least he’ll survive.

We wouldn’t dare a carjacker or any criminal to run us over in any situation. People who steal and such likely don’t care too much about your wellbeing.

Also, we don’t know of a single vehicle that’s worth risking your life to stop someone from stealing. The guy probably didn’t think and just did, but it almost cost him everything.

Image via 10 News First/YouTube

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