Watch Florida Highway Patrol Chase A Maserati Ghibli

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Watch Florida Highway Patrol Chase A Maserati Ghibli
Watch Florida Highway Patrol Chase A Maserati Ghibli

Florida Highway Patrol had their hands full when a suspect in a Maserati Ghibli decided to lead them on a wild chase in Miami-Dade. The number of close calls as the Italian performance sedan blasts through traffic and shoots down side roads is enough for anyone to suffer a Code Brown moment.

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The suspect does his best to snake around and cause chaos for troopers as they try staying on his tail. Unfortunately for him, it quickly becomes evident he’s not a trained wheelman but instead just has a fast car he can’t entirely control.


Even though the suspect keeps running off the road as he sweeps too wide through turns, he’s crazy enough to pull some sudden moves that keep troopers and everyone else jumping into the chase on edge.

What’s more, the camera car is a K9 unit and you can hear the good boy in the back getting all excited. We’ve been told that the dogs know they’re about to see some action, often whining in anticipation like this. And we’ve heard this kind of behavior over and over as the K9 is about to do what it’s trained so long for.

Driving erratically in busy traffic and with little skill finally catches up with this suspect as he crashes head-on with another car and immediately gets swarmed by cops. They take no chances, roughly grabbing him out of the Maserati and forcing him to the ground before putting him in handcuffs.

This guy put countless lives on the line just to enjoy a few more moments of freedom. We hope he also picked up a few more charges that will stick in court so he has more time in the slammer to think about how dumb his actions were.

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