Bumblebee Camaro gets a facelift for Transformers 4

Alex Lloyd

Michael Bay may have already shown pictures of the Bumblebee Camaro, set to debut in his latest installment of the hit movie franchise Transformers, on his website. But now we get to see it in the flesh. Revealed at the SEMA add-on parts convention as part of Chevy's unloading of tricked out whips, three Transformers hit the stage — a souped up Sonic RS with a wing large enough to make Ken Block blush, a not-so-subtle bright green Corvette Stingray (also sporting a monstrous wing) and a sinister-eyed Bumblebee that lacks much of a rear wing at all.

However, its Bumblebee's new look that comes off as more vicious than Black Friday at Walmart. Arguably, its muscular haunches, brazen hood vents and hewn taillights are how the reworked 2014 Camaro should have looked all along. In fact, when the new Camaro ZL1 arrives, stealing a few design cues from old Bumblebee, transforming it into something a tad... meaner, might be quite the shrewd maneuver. We'll get to see Bumblebee in action, along with Bay's other cars and stars, when Transformers 4 hits theaters middle of next year.

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