Watch Jim Carrey perfectly spoof Matthew McConaughey's Lincoln ads on SNL

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Lincoln is attempting to reinvent itself; (as you've probably seen) it sank part of its marketing budget into Matthew McConaughey's pockets, producing introspective commercials with the Oscar winner behind the wheel of the automaker's new MKC. The results were a little odd, and perfect fodder for a Jim Carrey skit as he hosted this past weekend's episode of "Saturday Night Live."

Carrey's SNL segment has now gone viral, achieving almost 1.7 million YouTube views in just 24 hours (as of writing this). Reaction from viewers was also strong, hailing it as the funniest moment in what turned out to be a truly hilarious – and bizarre – show.

This isn't the first celebrity spoof of Lincoln's new ads; Ellen DeGeneres did one last month. But while in hers, DeGeneres accompanies McConaughey in the car for a highly slapstick take on the spot, Carrey adopts a subtler approach – combating weird (the originals are themselves riffs based on McConaughey's True Detective character) with even weirder. And it works perfectly. Kenan Thompson as the Allstate man was a nice touch too.

Watch Ellen's original spoof below and decide who wins the award for best celebrity mockery. My vote goes to Jim.

Click here to watch the full "SNL" episode on Yahoo Screen.

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