You Can Buy a Brand New 1985 Chevrolet Camaro IROC-Z for $100,000

11 mile original 1985 chevrolet camaro iroc z
You Can Still Buy a Brand New 1985 Camaro IROC-ZMS Classic Cars LLC

When the Chevrolet Camaro IROC-Z was new, it was a standout in the pony car field. Motorweek tested it against its peers in an iconic video review that features a skit at a Dairy Queen, and the eternal public access motoring standard called it the most sophisticated of the three pony cars of its era. It was an obvious future icon at the time. So obvious, one buyer stashed a brand-new example with only delivery miles on the dial. Just under 40 years later, the car is now for sale at an astonishing price of $100,000.

From 1985 to the mid-2000s, the car was unseen by the public. That changed when it was pulled out of a seemingly forgotten trailer, a moment documented in a 2008 YouTube video that has amassed over 9 million views. In that video, the car is coated in dust but otherwise preserved exactly as it would have been from the moment it was brand new.

11 mile 1985 chevrolet camaro iroc z
MS Classic Cars LLC

The multi-decade investment hasn't yet brought in massive returns. A new IROC-Z Camaro started at $11,060 before options in 1985, and a forum post from 2011 shows that the car's first publicly known transaction after being bought new came when it was sold for $27,000 plus fees at a Mecum auction. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics inflation calculator, that price beat inflation by just $3,300. The car changed hands a few more times since then and most of the increase in value has come in the years since that sale. If that owner had held on until now and sold it at the "firm" $100,000 it is listed for today, they would have made a much more impressive inflation-adjusted profit of $77,000.

1985 chevrolet camaro iroc z original with 11 miles
MS Classic Cars LLC

If you absolutely have to own a basically new 1985 Camaro, MS Classic Cars has the listing. It may be a solid $90,000 more than you might expect to pay for a solid '85 Camaro, but nothing beats originality.

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