California Cop Pulls Tourist Car Over For Exhaust Noise Violation

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California Cop Pulls Tourist Car Over For Exhaust Noise Violation
California Cop Pulls Tourist Car Over For Exhaust Noise Violation

You probably already know California has decided to really crack down on car modifications, including passing a law about exhaust noise that’s so restrictive some owners with factory exhaust systems have been cited for violations. Whether or not you feel that law is warranted, it not appears that at least some cops in California have decided to cite vehicles clearly registered out of state for violations.

Watch a man jump off a moving semi-truck on a California highway.

This issue came to light thanks to YouTube channel DailyDrivenExotics. They were driving around Costa Mesa in a 2003 Lamborghini Murcielago with a modified exhaust when a motorcycle cop pulled them over.


The officer in question, who had a famous run-in with the channel back in 2019, didn’t want to say much probably because he knew he was being recorded and everything would end up on YouTube. But he eventually admitted he wrote a citation for excessive exhaust noise even though the supercar is registered in Canada.

We know from experience California cops aren’t the only ones who pull this sort of thing. If the tint on your vehicle windows exceeds the allowable limit in an area where you’re traveling through, say on vacation, police have been known to write citations even though you’re within the allowable amount where your car is registered and you live.

It seems the situation with this Lambo in the video is a little different than someone just driving through somewhere while on vacation. But we wonder if anyone who’s visited California or anywhere else for a getaway has run into similar issues?

If you have gotten a citation while on vacation somewhere else did you try to fight the ticket or did you just pay the fine? Did that make you not want to return for another vacation?

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