Chaos As Cadillac Escalade Rams Parked Cars In New York City

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Chaos As Cadillac Escalade Rams Parked Cars In New York City
Chaos As Cadillac Escalade Rams Parked Cars In New York City

A video on TikTok is spreading as it’s so shocking, even in a crazy city like New York, that people can’t believe what they’re seeing. In it, a newer Cadillac Escalade repeatedly rams and sideswipes cars parked on the side of a street, as if the luxury SUV were some mobile battering ram.

A police chase involving a Chevy Silverado comes to a shocking conclusion.

We know Escalades are fairly tough, but it surely takes more damage than just the cosmetics components crunched and torn off the front end. The big body-on-frame truck hits one car repeatedly, pulverizing the back end and pushing it into the vehicle in front of it.


Apparently not satisfied just with that damage, the driver goes on to sideswipe the first vehicle and some others, hitting a Toyota Prius rather hard.

Onlookers stare in awe from the sidewalk, obviously stunned at what they’re witnessing. It takes a lot to shock New Yorkers, but this apparently was enough.

What’s more, you see at the beginning of the footage the front bumper falls off the Escalade, the license plate still attached to it. If the luxury SUV wasn’t stolen, which we’d be willing to bet it was, that obvious piece of evidence would have led police straight to the owner and possibly the driver in the video.

As for a motive, we can only throw out pure guesses. This could have been some extreme case of road rage, someone getting revenge against a group of people they don’t like, car thieves wanting to destroy things just because, or rich kids joyriding in mommy’s luxury grocery getter. Without any context, we could be completely off and it’s something else entirely.

In the ultimate twist of irony, right at the top of the frame in the last part of the video is a personal injury attorney’s billboard asking if you’ve been in a car accident. If this crazy scenario didn’t look so real, we’d be questioning if this were some sort of creative marketing campaign. Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately), it appears the billboard’s placement is just coincidental.

Images via suji.and.heera/TikTok