Deebo Samuel’s Cars Are Quite Fashionable

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Deebo Samuel’s Cars Are Quite Fashionable
Deebo Samuel’s Cars Are Quite Fashionable

Deebo Samuel, the star wide receiver for the San Francisco 49ers is known for his explosive speed on the field. But the professional athlete doesn’t like the slow down on the street, as evidenced by his rather impressive array of performance-oriented cars. Let’s just say we’re quite impressed by the rides Samuel has shown off because many are an enthusiast’s dream.

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Lamborghini Aventador

Samuel has posted photos of himself with two different Aventadors. We can’t confirm if he owns both or just one, but it’s likely at least one of them is his ride. Just having a single one of these supercars is impressive, so hats off to the man.

Lamborghini Urus

If we had a dollar for every professional athlete that owns a Urus, we’d probably be able to afford a nice meal out. A lot of well-heeled individuals love the Lamborghini SUV for its combination of room, comfort, and performance, including Samuel. His is black with black wheels and red calipers, while the black interior has red accents, and it looks fantastic.

Range Rover

One of his best-known rides is a bright red Range Rover after posting a series of photos featuring the luxury SUV back in December 2019. While they’re certainly around, you usually don’t see Range Rovers in such a loud color, but it looks amazing with black accents, making for a memorable ride.

Ferrari 488

Most people seem to think all Ferraris should wear red, but Samuel obviously isn’t one of them. His 488 is black and the interior is black with blue highlights – an interesting move we like more than we would’ve thought.

BMW i8

The i8 looks cool and like it should be a genuine supercar. But for those of us in the know it’s just not that impressive. Still, it looks like Samuel has picked up one of these hybrids and enjoys the aesthetics of it.

C8 Corvette

Samuel posed in front of a Torch Red C8 Corvette parked in front of the pumps at a Quick Trip with the driver’s door open. While some might think he just walked up to the mid-engine sports car and took the pic, it’s possible he bought it. It’s always possible it was a rental or someone let him borrow it for a bit, which does happen with some celebrities wanting to look like they have more cars.


However, Samuel also took a series of photos in what’s obviously his driveway, with his Range Rover in the background, while sitting in the driver’s seat of a white C8 Corvette. So does he own one and not the other? Or both?

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