Dodge Challenger Police Chase Is Pure Chaos

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Dodge Challenger Police Chase Is Pure Chaos
Dodge Challenger Police Chase Is Pure Chaos

Police officers always have to be ready for literally anything. Not only are they targeted by people who hate cops and want to kill one, they deal with individuals who in the moment do something emotional and completely unpredictable. This chase with a Dodge Challenger in Florida is a perfect example.

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At first, when the Florida trooper pulls up behind the Mopar muscle car, it seems the suspect is going to pull over and take a ticket for speeding without argument. However, as he sits in the turn bay it becomes evident the guy isn’t eager to get to a side road and talk with the trooper.


That’s when the trooper orders him to roll down his window and put the car key on the roof. The suspect does roll down his window quickly, we guess to fake compliance, but instead of putting the keys on the roof he literally burns rubber.

We don’t recommend running from Florida Highway Patrol since like Arkansas State Police and Georgia State Patrol they’re well-trained and willing to PIT you out. This genius does it anyway and really tries to flex his Challenger’s muscles.

He gives it a good try, but the trooper has no problem keeping up, even as the chase hits 148 mph. But the guy almost runs other cars off the road, blasts through a red light, and in general tries to make the chase as hellish as possible. All of this the trooper takes in stride.

But in this chase the radio proves supreme as another Florida Highway Patrol Trooper gets out in front and is able to PIT the Dodge Challenger hard.

Instead of giving up like a smart person would, this guy just turns around and tries doubling back, because that always works. But before the trooper can catch up and PIT the suspect, he does the job himself, losing control and ramming his Mopar right into a utility pole.

Image via Scooper/YouTube

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