Drunk Road Rager Pins Herself In Her Car Door

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Drunk Road Rager Pins Herself In Her Car Door
Drunk Road Rager Pins Herself In Her Car Door

A video of a drunk road raging woman confronting a guy in a truck on the Fourth of July has been spreading like wildfire. It’s easy to see why since the woman who shouldn’t even be driving and is acting aggressively erratic gets instant karma, making it oh so satisfying to watch.

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We don’t see what precedes the confrontation, but instead we get the truck sitting in stopped traffic as the woman in her little Hyundai sedan pulls up and starts yelling. The guy rolls down his window and asks the woman “what’re you tweaking about?”


Normally we tell people to just keep their windows rolled up and ignore a road rager, but this guy must’ve felt safe confronting her. From the exchange we can gather that the woman accused the truck driver of being overly aggressive as she explains there’s an 82-year-old man in her car.

But the male driver says he was just following behind her and she was swerving all over the road. Considering how she acts potentially inebriated, we think his version of what happened might be more believable.

Offended at what the guy said, the female driver gets out of her car to argue some more, but she leaves it in drive. As she’s trying to act tough, asking if she’s the one who’s stupid, her Hyundai rolls away. How ironic.

The guy tries warning her and she notices the problem as the sedan rolls towards an older Toyota Sequoia. With the driver’s door still open, she tries jumping inside but the impact with the full-size SUV pins her partway inside the Hyundai.

Unfortunately, the video doesn’t show how she got out of that pickle. But it does show the aftermath where she’s standing next to the Sequoia’s driver’s window having an intense conversation.

How she wasn’t seriously injured is a mystery, but this is a great example of why drinking and driving is a dumb idea.

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