Flashy Gold Cadillac Escalade Tries Running From The Police

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Flashy Gold Cadillac Escalade Tries Running From The Police
Flashy Gold Cadillac Escalade Tries Running From The Police

Probably not the best getaway vehicle.

We’re constantly amazed at the horrible choices criminals make when it comes to getaway vehicles. So many of them choose something slow and soft, like a Nissan Rogue or Hyundai Elantra, as if that will give cops in Dodge Chargers a run for their money. Of course, criminals aren’t known for their excellent life choices to begin with, so it all kind of makes sense.

Watch a Dodge Hellcat absolutely smoke an entire police force here.

Then there’s this guy who decided to run from the police in Arkansas using a metallic gold Cadillac Escalade. It’s like his ego couldn’t reason with the fact he was driving one of the gaudiest vehicles on the road for hundreds of miles, making him stick out like a sore thumb.


What’s more, an Escalade isn’t exactly known for turning sharply. Sure, they have decent acceleration and good top speed compared to a lot of other options out there (like a Kia Soul) but they’re about as sloppy as a divorced mom at the open bar for her friend’s wedding.

Perhaps what emboldened this guy was the fake license plate affixed to the rear of his luxury SUV. After all, the cops wouldn’t have been able to trace the plate back to his home, so theoretically if he got away he would be in the clear. In a twist of irony, the very thing he had to throw the cops off was what triggered the pursuit the Escalade couldn’t truly handle.

An increasing number of police cars are outfitted with plate scanners. We know, it’s a sticky legal question about whether or not the cops should be using such things, but the reality is they’re becoming more common. We can only assume this officer had one and as soon as it identified the plate on the Caddie as being fake, the chase was on.

It’s not much of a chase, but it’s pretty funny how the driver leans out his window and tries arguing with the cop before he pulls over. Perhaps he realized running was just going to get him in more trouble and that he didn’t stand a chance of getting away at that point? Whatever the reason, he kept arguing even after he willingly got cuffed and the whole video is just so bizarre.