Ford Model A Hit By Hyundai, Takes It Like A Champ

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Ford Model A Hit By Hyundai, Takes It Like A Champ
Ford Model A Hit By Hyundai, Takes It Like A Champ

The old saying “they don’t build them like they used to” has been proven correct once again. A Ford Model A and a Hyundai Santa Fe collided in an accident, with the classic car and its driver faring far better.

A couple was shot to death while trying to buy a classic car.

The crash happened in McCracken County, Kentucky on April 27 with deputies responding to the accident aftermath. When they arrived, they found a 74-year-old man who was driving the Ford to be uninjured. Unfortunately, two women who were in the Hyundai had to be taken to the hospital.

You can see in photos shared by McCracken County Sheriff’s Office the Model A took some damage on its passenger-side front fender and that was all. We wonder if it was even knocked out of alignment. Despite was some people believe, old cars are tough as nails.


We can’t see the portion where the Hyundai hit the Ford, but we do see in the photo that the crossover ended up off the road, nose-first into a field next to it. The little crossover definitely didn’t fare well.

McCracken County Sheriff’s Office says an investigation revealed that the classic car driver didn’t yield to a traffic control device, entering an intersection where it collided with the Hyundai which had right of way. We assume the Ford driver was cited.

While this accident featured a classic car coming out on top, that isn’t always the outcome. As enthusiasts take their beloved rides out of the garage and enjoy the nice weather, heading to meets and participating in cruises, it’s best to be cautious.

Had this Ford collided with a modern full-size truck or SUV the result might have been less that favorable for the driver. So in a way he was lucky he collided with a little Korean crossover.

Images via McCracken County Sheriff’s Office/Facebook

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