Ford's F-150 Lightning Pikes Peak Racer Has a Wing the Size of a Billboard

ford f 150 lightning 2024 pikes peak special
Ford's F-150 Lightning Pikes Peak Racer Looks MeanFord Performance / X

A year after attempting to win the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb in a (highly specialized race car shaped like a) van, Ford is back at the nation's premier hill climb with an even more radical electric racer. This one, somehow, has an even more unusual production car tie-in.

This is the F-150 Lightning that Ford is taking to Pikes Peak next month. The car still has not been officially unveiled, but the first photo was shared on social media on Friday. Details are sparse, but Ford says the Lightning SuperTruck EV will produce 6000 lb of downforce at 150 mph. Given the size of the front splitter and rear wing, that is no shock.

The aerodynamic elements on the truck are nothing short of ridiculous. The highlight is, comfortably, the rear wing structure. Swan mounts that seem to be around the size of a gooseneck trailer hitch hold up an oval-shaped wing structure with multiple layers, seemingly stretching past the width of the car to grab air well past the lengths of the "crew cab" driver's compartment. That sits above a rounded diffuser of similar size and shape, although the specifics of that rear aero element cannot be seen from the angle of the photo released by Ford. On the other side of a relatively aerodynamic body that only kind of looks like an F-150, a massive splitter reaches far in front of the truck's blocky nose.


Other key details, like weight, battery size, motor setup, and power output, have not been revealed quite yet. Expect to hear more about the F-150 Lightning SuperTruck before it races up Pikes Peak on June 23.

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