Guy Running From Police Sends Himself Through The Windshield

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Guy Running From Police Sends Himself Through The Windshield
Guy Running From Police Sends Himself Through The Windshield

It’s amazing how quickly people go from aggressively trying to ditch the cops, putting countless other lives at danger, to helpless victims. That’s exactly what happened with this guy who fled from Little Rock police in Arkansas at high speeds until he hit another car head-on and was ejected partway through the windshield. As the old saying goes, he met the consequences of his actions and didn’t like them one bit.

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While fleeing from police on the freeway, this genius thought it would be great to keep going the ludicrous speed he was without cross traffic after exiting. He probably thought he could lose the police by exiting and then entering the freeway again, a dumb trick we’ve seen used over and over without any effect.

Instead, he hits another car head-on, pulverizing the front ends of both vehicles and sending himself halfway through the windshield. As police exit their vehicles and approach, you can see the guy is a bloody mess. He complains about having trouble breathing and that his legs are crushed as everyone waits for medics to arrive on scene.


He also keeps moving around even though officers rightly point out that he’s cutting himself more on the windshield’s shattered glass. The guy is obviously in shock but it’s hard to feel too sorry for him considering he was the one who was speeding, driving recklessly, and didn’t put on a seatbelt.

Even worse, the woman who was driving the car this guy hit head-on at a high speed was pretty bad off herself with deep lacerations and other serious injuries. She didn’t do anything wrong, was just going about her day, when suddenly she was in a world of pain.

Firefighters had to cut the suspect out of the car, finally freeing him so he could get medical treatment. From there, he’s hopefully held accountable for his actions. We do know he was hit with a list of charges, including for not using a seatbelt.

This is a graphic video, so don’t watch it in front of your kids or if you can’t stand the sight of blood.

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