Hotshot Motorcyclist Gets Humiliated By A Cop

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Hotshot Motorcyclist Gets Humiliated By A Cop
Hotshot Motorcyclist Gets Humiliated By A Cop

If we were to choose a state to run away from police, Arkansas would definitely not be it. That’s mostly thanks to Arkansas State Police, an agency known to treat fleeing suspects quite roughly. Seriously, Arkansas troopers must have ice in their veins and they seem to take glee in pitting people. But all that doesn’t stop this motorcycle rider from trying to flee from an Arkansas trooper.

An ATV chase in Arkansas hit a blistering 66 mph before the wheels literally came off.

We know a lot of people who think if you’re on a motorcycle you don’t have to stop for police because a bike is always faster and can go where cars can’t. This rider seems to be of that mindset because before the chase he taunts the trooper by doing a wheelie like he’s untouchable.

Then the guy shows everyone why what he’s riding is known as a crotch rocket, just taking off like a bat out of hell. And yet the trooper catches up to him at the next traffic light. Instead of realizing he should just give up right then, this suspect decides to flip off the trooper before twisting the throttle and going for it.


This suspect really tries his hardest to ditch the trooper but all he does is expose his lack of experience and maturity. We know people who actually could outrun cops on their bike, but they also know the potential risks of riding like that on public roads. It isn’t worth it.

Probably feeling dejected at his lack of skill, this guy slows down, bows his head, and lets the trooper catch up. But instead of pulling over, he just keeps rolling down the road. His humiliation continues as a Buick crossover stops in front of him, he sideswipes the passenger side, ends up in the dirt on the shoulder, then wobbles until he dumps his bike and himself.

But wait, it gets even more embarrassing. You can hear the guy sobbing as the trooper arrests him. As if that’s not enough, he blubbers out an apology for running and calls himself “stupid” repeatedly with the trooper agreeing. Then the trooper points to his dashcam and lets this suspect know he’s about to become YouTube famous.

Hopefully this kid learns from this experience and never runs from the cops again.

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