Nevada Is Clamping Down On Classic Car Registrations

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Good luck registering your 1981 Camaro!

Back on April 8, 2021 I sounded the alarm that certain members of the Nevada state legislature were looking to close up “loopholes” in classic car registrations. Now, Nevada residents are hopping mad the plans are becoming reality, with tensions boiling over at a Clark County town hall meeting on August 31. Just wait until these people see what else their fearless leaders have in store not only for their vehicles but also their home appliances.

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For now, the focus is on Nevada Assembly Bill 349, which proposes that for a vehicle to be registered as a classic car it must pass a smog check, carry classic or antique insurance, and can only be driven 5,000 miles per year. That’s right, the government is going to tell you that taking your classic vehicle out on an epic road trip might mean it can no longer be registered, because that’s what freedom is all about.

Of course, this all is being done in the name of curbing air pollution. After all, everyone knows classic cars are the main culprit of CO2 emissions and some such nonsense. Just like I said last year, many are pointing out this law impacts those who have less in the way of financial means. To be considered a classic vehicle, per the bill as it’s written currently, a car would need to have been manufactured over 40 years before the date of application for the special registration. In other words, owning a car that was made in 1982 could become a true luxury in Nevada.

For certain low-income residents, an old vehicle might be the only car they can truly afford. Even if they can get it to pass the smog test, most classic car insurance providers require proof of a daily driver other than the classic vehicle, which is probably why that’s in the bill.

Some of the attendees at the town hall meeting rightly pointed out that the number of classic cars on Nevada roads are a sliver of all traffic. Most enthusiasts who own a classic keep it garaged most of the time, bringing it out for weekend meets and shows, choosing to drive something more modern Monday through Friday.

One of the most intelligent quotes from local reporting of the town hall meeting comes via Clark County Commissioner William McCurdy II. “A lot of cars that are on the road,” McCurdy said, according to 8 News Now. “That is also polluting the air.” Yes, because “ a lot of cars” are operating, the state must crack down on a small population of vehicles which aren’t driven much at all.

Previously, a vehicle that was over 20 years-old could be registered as a classic car in Nevada. Other wish list items certain members of Nevada’s legislature might go for after this bill becomes law includes subsiding the purchase of electric vehicles for low-income residents and getting rid of emissions-producing natural gas appliances in households, which it seems would include water heaters. If you’re not a fan of this bill or anything similar and you live in Nevada, now would be a good time to let your state representatives know.

Source: 8 News Now

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