Report: Classic Car Thieves Are Targeting Northwest Ohio

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Report: Classic Car Thieves Are Targeting Northwest Ohio
Report: Classic Car Thieves Are Targeting Northwest Ohio

While you probably hear plenty about kids stealing Kias and Hyundais as well as Dodge muscle car thefts, some theft rings target different vehicles. Authorities in northwest Ohio believe there’s a group that’s been stealing classic cars with multiple victims.

Grandma punches a car thief in the face.

We covered before how a veteran in Toledo had his 1973 Buick Riviera stolen right out of his backyard recently. He’s not the only one in the area to have his classic car swiped and they’ve all likely been taken by the same criminal organization.

A new report from WTVG mentions how the station has covered quite a few other classic car thefts in the region lately. It cites a detective from the Oregon Police Department who says classic cars are being hunted by thieves in northwest Ohio with law enforcement in the area working hard to catch them.


In other words, if you live in northwest Ohio or close to it, you might want to take extra steps to secure your classic car(s) now. We don’t want to tell everyone to do the same thing since that will make the thieves’ jobs easier.

But we will say having an alarm, cameras, maybe a kill switch or other anti-theft device, etc. to help deter theft are all good moves. It’s also wise to have at least one tracking device on your ride, if not multiple.

Apple AirTags are cheap and have been shown to be effective. They can be placed virtually anywhere, so consider those if you have an iPhone.

Being vigilant is also key. Checking to see how secure where you’re storing your classic car is a solid move.

Sadly, with car theft so rampant these days, everyone needs to up their vehicle security no matter what they’re driving.

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