Guy Caught Doing 199 MPH In Daddy’s Camaro

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Guy Caught Doing 199 MPH In Daddy’s Camaro
Guy Caught Doing 199 MPH In Daddy’s Camaro

A 20-year-old driver is in a lot of trouble after authorities in Florida caught him going 199 mph in a Camaro that reportedly belongs to his father. But it sounds like he was participating in some fairly well-organized illegal street races in the Orlando area.

Speeding kid gets daddy’s Corvette impounded.

It all went down at about 1 am on January 21 after some witnesses called 911 to report the Florida Turnpike had been taken over by a group that was using the stretch of road for illegal street races, says the Miami Herald. Authorities arrived, breaking up the gathering and arresting the guy in the Camaro.


Apparently, the 2016 Chevy Camaro had a whole camera setup in the rear so the driver could upload videos to Instagram. Posting your criminal activity on social media is like serving evidence to police on a silver platter.

A 16-year-old was riding in the muscle car. The teen was turned over to his mother who arrived at the scene.

Authorities haven’t said what happened to the other car that was allegedly racing the Camaro. Did it get away? Was that driver arrested? We have so many unanswered questions.

An Orange County deputy sheriff was watching the organized gathering from a distance, waiting for backup, when he saw the Camaro and an unnamed car line up, then start racing each other. That’s when other deputies arrived and swarmed the duo, stopping the Camaro and we’re assuming the other vehicle.

Maybe the other driver was a plant from the police to infiltrate the underground world of street racing? After some of the street racers expanded into hijacking semis and installing Spoon engines in Civics police got the idea to recruit a likable undercover officer to use a highly modified Mitsubishi Eclipse to gain acceptance and mine information. It’s not likely but it could be possible.

Or maybe authorities just didn’t feel like disclosing who was in the other car or it got away and they’re embarrassed.

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